A Shitty Tuesday...

Yesterday was supposed to be like any other Tuesday for me. You know, do stuffs like this and stuffs like that. Read a book, rest a bit, study, check the internet for interesting news and all. But that day, I mean yesterday? Shit, it was a pain in the ass! I do not actually believe Friday the 13th because of the notion that it can bring bad luck to anyone. Hell, it was the 15th yesterday! What's wrong with that, anyway?

Here is the story...

I'm doing something important yesterday when I realized that it's time to go out and have some fresh air. Not a bad idea, right? So I walked out of the house, breathe some fresh air. Yeah, I stayed out a couple of minutes outside and suddenly bad luck came. I was about to go inside when I was accidentally cut by a rusted roof in my elbow. Of course, it bleed. The size of the cut? Perhaps it's about 1.5 to 2 inches in length. I'm so disappointed of what has happened. I was like, "Oh shit! My f*cking deathclock appears now above my head." I rushed to clean it up the way an ordinary injury should be treated. Rinse it with water and soap. The bleeding, it won't stop. I tend to get an alcohol and a couple of tissue papers; afterwards I applied them on the wound. The pain is not that hard to resist but the thought of being killed by a rusted roof or should I say Tetano/Tetanus (whichever of these two) was the last thing in my mind to send me off to the afterlife. Not a remarkable death scene, am I right?

I went to the hospital later that evening. The doctor looked at my wound then he told the nurse to inject me some antivirus to counter the Tetano/Tetanus. I was never afraid of syringes but the excruciating pain that I felt afterwards, it was new to me. I got two shots of injections. One in my right shoulder and another in my left. Shortly after the doctor told me the do's and the don'ts, I went back home.

As of now, my wound is recovering fine. I think, it's dry now. Now as for my shoulders who got pinned by two needles, they are a little bit okay but I can still feel the pain. Maybe because of the antivirus, that is.

I hope nothing serious happens to me in the couple of days. If there'll be, I like it in a positive way. If it isn't, so help me God. 




anti tetanus haha, alam mo paborito namin gawin yan sa emergency room kahit simpleng sugat lang.. hahaha

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