Mission Accomplished!

I began my Wednesday with music from the all-beaut of this whole wide world, Taylor Swift. Not only she's pretty, she can actually sing and her songs were written as well. What a complete package for a girl. No doubt about that.

Moving along, tis been a very busy day for me. And I lasted, hmm..let us see.., ha! I lasted about 8 hours with no food in my stomach! What a record-breaking feat. If you can call that a feat.

Early today, after taking my bath, I tend to have some hot water so that I can sip some coffee before I leave the house. Unfortunately, we ran out of coffee, and the hot water I prepared? It spoiled. *sigh* Then off I go to my first destination -- National Statistics Office or simply NSO. It was my first stop to have a copy or two of my birth certificate. I got there as early as 8:15 in the morning. There were many applicants like me to get there own. Thank the heavens that even if we are so many, the volume of people out there during that time were tolerable. The processing and screening run smoothly without me noticing it. It took me only forty-five minutes to complete the whole thingy. In my opinion, that is favorable in its strictest sense. Imagine back in the days where no computers and when you apply for a copy they'll tell you to be back in a couple of days. Pretty long, right?

The City Hall was still the same when I got there after my venture in the NSO. My objective this time? That is to get my Poll Tax certificate (cedula). It took me, I think 10 minutes to have it. Although it was fast like a speeding bullet, there was some kind of drawback. You know, what it is? As far as my study is concern, and by reading some notes in taxation, the poll tax for an individual is only five pesos (or Php 5). That is what I read and ultimately, it's the law! The damn cashier, collected twenty-six pesos from me (or Php 26). Hence, their collection from me was overstated. I wonder why. Corruption? Tsk tsk tsk.

Minutes passed the hour of 10 and I find myself inside a studio to have some pictures (passport size). I paid. Fixed myself a little. And showed the camera my soon-to-forgotten smile. LOL. It was a relief to see the finished pictures and telling myself, "How good-looking you are, m'friend!"

My appointment to have an ECG was honestly started last year. And no single day I came. What a pity for me. That is why I insisted to have it this day. Tis my first time to have a medical test like that. Some metals were attached to my two wrists and yes, two also for my ankles. Some plastic/metal thingy were also placed in my chest, near my heart. And then wires were connected to all those things as if I'm gonna die via electrocution. The machine began to start. It printed sheets of paper where I only see were graphs. The session ended telling me that the result shall be given and explained to my Mom. There's something fishy about that moment. Oh well.

The last destination was my dentist. It's been like a year since I saw that face of my good dentist. The line of patient was short but heck, each patient dealt like an hour or two with the man. I finished reading a book, I slept, I sang. Those were the things I did to kill time. I successfully killed time. But how long? Three hours! Three solid hours! Eventually, it was paid off when a new set of metal braces were placed in my teeth. Can't eat hard foods in the meantime but sure I can handle it in the next few days.

In the end, my mission for today was accomplished. I felt that I was productive and a little bit responsible. Yes, a little. =)




Nice blog bro!


Thanks! =)


hahaha, magpost ka ng pic na may braces.. LOL

bout your ecg findings, something fishy... can smell so bad that you can't resist and regret... i do hope that the result will be fine bro.

simple changes on your heart's rhythm can mean a thing.. hahaha, wag daw masyado pakastress

nice blog!
at ang cedula, ay 26 pesos na tlaga, nagtaas dw sila ng 2% nakipag away pa ako dun sa window 6.. kaloka, un lang explanation skn.. weez

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