A bullet in my head...

I'm trying to add an RSS feed here. Actually, I put one minutes ago but then I decided to omit it. One thing is that I don't get the whole picture of how it operates. Just add some URL it says. Then I will get updates from the URL? Will that be all? A few more interpolation in the meantime.

My instinct was right once again. And it's about God of War: Ghost of Sparta. It was bad. Graphically speaking, it was the best PSP has to offer though the story and the script fell down the drain. The game's story ruined the entire series. Thank the heavens it's the last for Kratos' journey. Who gives a damn about his brother Deimos, anyway?  I can't stand to think another inconsistency and "moronic" quest for him. In my opinion, it should have ended in God of War. No more 2 and 3. As well as the Chains of Olympus. Facepalm!

This day for me was very exhausting. I tend to get dehydrated faster because it's summertime. The heat blocks my way of thinking and...well, it hinders everything.

Oh, before I forgot, thank you all for viewing my blog. It made my day happy. In return, I'll post some interesting articles these coming days. Again, thank you.

Cheer up! =)






lea here.. maybe i should not use my wordpress acct.

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