A Sunny Day in MOA...

Yesterday, my younger brother and I went to SM Mall of Asia to have some bonding moments. Yep, it's been a while since we hang out together. After planning it for a few weeks beforehand, it finally materialize. And what exactly did we do in the mall? The usual thing, of course! :)

I browsed the mall's website about two days ago regarding the screening time for the movie Sucker Punch to be played in IMAX. And so, I told my brother that we watch it as early as 11:30 in the morning to have some spare time to wander around the mall to look for things we buy and fantasize. Unfortunately, due to delays in traffic and some things, we arrived 7 minutes late than the exact time. Thus, we decided to watch it in the 2:00pm slot. Not a bad thing actually, so we reversed our plan. We then choose to go around the mall first.

Techies -- that's what me and my brother are. We also do love clothes and apparels but when it comes to electronic gadgets, count us in. The good thing about MOA is that they have a huge selection of electronic store for us to visit. We entered Datablitz -- to check some game console prices along with the game libraries, some cellular phone retailers -- to check some new models and prices, PC shops -- for me to canvass and search for some rare piece of hardware. What actually transpired us in our venture is our visit in the Apple Store. Every product they have there were like gold in our eyes. The store was in fact a gold mine to us. High-end gadgets that can send a layman back to stone age. And that's what happened to me. I'm like a dumb lost in the future. My brother loves Apple that is why he knows a lot of things in the store. Our eyes feasted solely in the iPod touch. It's freaking amazing. In the end, we agreed to save money, have our "alternate" personal bank accounts be restricted just to buy that godly thingy. Wew, what a piece of device!
Afterwards we left the goldmine and headed to some bookstores.

"Fully Booked" and "Power Books" are my favorite bookstores in the city. Of course, I also love Booksale. But only Booksale in Megamall. LOL. I really wanted to buy a new book so I looked for one or two. Since there are rumors that Stephen King's The Darktower will hit the big screen in the near future...oh, wait... it's been confirmed that it will be seen as a movie on 2013. Imagine that! Back to the thing, I really wanted to read the series. But I can't find The Gunslinger --the first in the series. All I saw in those bookstores are from Book 2 onwards. Unlucky me. Disappointed and sad, I told my brother that we should have a seat for a while or perhaps to have a snack. The 2:00PM mark is drawing close anyway, I told him.

We had our snack in Dunkin' Cafe which at first I thought was not Dunkin' Donuts but in fact it was. The funny thing between us brothers is that whenever one of us wanted something, may it be food or anything, it will end up that both of us have the same thing. It's like a "twin" effect. But in no case, we're twins. Haha. But when we were small kids, people say that we're like twins. Same clothes, same haircut, same things. Everything.

After eating sandwiches and chocolate drinks, we watched Sucker Punch in IMAX. Whether the movie was great or bad, it's a personal thing. Here is my review.

It's time for us to go home but I insisted we visit again some bookstores because I really need to buy something before we go home. My brother browsed some men's magazines and even kid me that why spend my money on buying books when in fact I don't get anything from it. I just told him that it's my ultimate vice, if that's what other people may call it. At least I don't smoke and drink, or even take drugs. The good thing about me is my vices. It may cost too damn much but hell, as long as I'm happy with it, why not?

In the end, I bought this book.

It was a clincher match between "Under the Dome" and "Full Dark, No Stars".

The accountant in me emerged and analyzed my two options using Relevant Costing. Under the Dome, paperback at P520.00 vs. Full Dark, No Stars, hardcover at P990.00.

I bought Under the Dome and will still be considering Full Dark, No Stars in the upcoming weeks. Welcome to my small library, "Under the Dome"!

Paper crane, though, was not included when I bought the book. LOL! :)

Have a nice day!



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