Some major updates...

Hello! I updated my blog tonight. New pages, like shown in the right section of this site, will provide some information to yours truly. It is not actually an "About Me" page/s but I think it's way better than that. Some changes are also made in my homepage.


  • Added a calendar
  • Moved my countdown timer to another page.
  • Added a Subscription Link via RSS feed.
  • Added page entitled "May 2011 CPA Board Exam"
  • Added content to  "May 2011 CPA Board Exam"
  • Added page entitled "2011: Book Challenge"
  • Added content to "2011: Book Challenge"
  • Added page entitled "2011: Games I finished"
  • Added content to "2011: Games I finished"
  • ...and some other minor things.
I really planned to write something today for the Article part of my blog but got hesitated to finish it and post it here. The reason? I don't know. It's all about travelling places, honestly speaking. *Sigh*

Thanks for patronizing my blog. Can't smile without you all. =)



Thirdy Lopez

Napadaan ako


Nice lay-out bro, with falling leaves pa! Can you recommend a site with cool templates such as this one?


Thank you Mr. Thirdy and Master Jedi Randy. :D

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